Our members


2. Armenian Young Women’s Association (ARMENIA)

3. Centre for Leisure Time Activities JUNIOR (SLOVAKIA)



6. Filoxenia – Intercultural-Environmental Organisation (GREECE)

7. Finnish Youth Centres Association (FINLAND)

8. Haus der offenen Tür – HoT Sinzig (GERMANY)

9. International youth center (BULGARIA)

10. Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken (GERMANY)

11. Mladinski Center Krško – Youth center Krško (SLOVENIA)

12. MOPKA Támaszpont (HUNGARY)

13. Regional Youth Centre of Kosice (SLOVAKIA)

14. S & G – System and Generation Association (TURKEY)

15. Shrewsbury House Youth and Community Centre (UK)

16. St. Andrews family resource centre (IRELAND)

17. Timis County Youth Foundation – FITT (ROMANIA)

18. Youth Centre Villa Elba (FINLAND)

Youth Centres in our VISION

New centres for Europe’s young people

Many countries have developed youth centres for their own young people. Most of these serve particular neighbourhoods or particular groups of young people. Some may have a regional or national role. Some have an inter-cultural or international character. All can play a part in giving young people a greater sense of being European, and world, citizens. Such youth centres can simulate a harmonious Europe so that one day it will exist.

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Statutes of the Réseau Européen de Centres de Jeunesse – European Network of Youth Centres


Article 1

An association shall be created with the name “Réseau Européen de Centres de Jeunesse”. This association shall be set up in accordance with the French law of 1901 (régime des associations loi 1901).
The registered office shall be at the following address: c/o Association MUSIKADO
rue du 21 Juin 1944
43100 Brioude

The association shall be registered at the sous-préfecture of Brioude.

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Board of Directors

The mandate of the current board will finish at the General Assembly of ENYC in 2022.

Heli LEHTO – president

Elected on February 9, 2019
Youth Centre Villa Elba (FINLAND)
E-mail: office@enyc.eu

Heli is responsible of coordinating the board of ENYC for the fulfilment of our mission and vision. She is leading our general assemblies and the process of developing our network. She has been proposed and supported for this position by the Youth Centre Villa Elba – Finland, which owns one of the 13 youth centres with the Quality Label from the Council of Europe.

In 1987, Heli became youth worker and instructor for physical education and in 1992 she got the Bachelor of Arts.

Heli is also translator/interpreter in Scandinavian languages, English and Russia and in 2015 she became specialist vocational qualified in management.
Since 1997, Heli have been working within the youth sector. Her first 13 years were as youth worker in a little town and after that, as development manager in Villa Elba Youth Centre. As the teamleader of the pedagogical team in Villa Elba, Heli’s main tasks is to develop, together with their specialists, new methods and the content of their environmental education, social youthwork and international youthwork.

Yolanda FLORESCU – vice president

Elected on February 9, 2019
Timis County Youth Foundation – FITT (ROMANIA)
E-mail: office@enyc.eu
Contact: +40 731 514 914
LinkedIn profile

Yolanda is responsible of creating the link between ENYC’s members and the European youth policies, good practices, youth events, policy makers and of promoting the Council of Europe values.

Yolanda is a PhD candidate in political science, focused on the youth NGO’s in the Council of Europe countries. She has been proposed and supported for this position by Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT) – Romania, which owns one of the 13 youth centres with the Quality Label from the Council of Europe (among other 6 youth centres). Yolanda coordinated the process of developing the National quality standards for youth centres in Romania and has been coordinating the secretariat of the Romanian Network of Youth Centres.

In addition, Yolanda is specialised in volunteering public policies, as well – she drafted the final version of the Romanian Volunteering Law (78/2014) and currently she is coordinating the youth dialogue for developing the National Strategy of the Romanian Volunteering Law.

Armela PENGILI – general secretary

Elected on February 9, 2019
E-mail: office@enyc.eu
Contact: +355698304533
LinkedIn profile

Armela is responsible of the connection between our members and the board and with third parties, as well. She has been proposed and supported for this position by ACT for Society Centre – Albania.

Armela is PhD. Candidate in International Relations at the Faculty of Philology and History (University of Tirana). She has studied Social Sciences SOCIOLOGY at the Faculty of Social Sciences in University of Tirana and MSC-International Relations in Faculty of Philology and History. She has been trained on social issues in several EU Commission’s training programs. Armela is also a trainer in youth programs, specialised on youth workers issues, gender equality projects, human rights and democracy etc. She has been lecturer of Sociology at the University Aleksander Moisiu in Durres for a period of 5 years. Recently, she has been engaged as a research assistant within the Faculty of Philology and History.    

Mitja VALENTINC – treasurer

Elected on February 9, 2019
Youth center Krško (SLOVENIA)
E-mail: office@enyc.eu
Contact: +386 41 637 661

Mitja is responsible of ensuring that our accounts are kept in order and, for that to happen, he keeps accurate and reliable records of receipts and expenditure. He has been proposed and supported for this position by Youth Centre Krško – Slovenia.
Mitja is collaborating with and reporting to the President and submits the financial reports and provisional budgets of the association and presenting them to the General Assembly.

Mitja is primary teacher and lecturer for entrepreneurship. He has been proposed and supported for this position by Youth Centre Krško – Slovenia. Mitja has been the director of Youth Centre Krško since 2011.  He is also managing other 4 smaller youth centres in the rural area and several sports facilities (playgrounds, swimming pool etc.) of the Municipality of Krško.

Nadia MARINOVA – member

Elected on February 9, 2019
International youth center (BULGARIA)
E-mail: office@enyc.eu

Gurkan AKCAER – member

Elected on February 9, 2019
S&G – System and Generation Association (TURKEY)
E-mail: office@enyc.eu

Zsofi RACZ – member

Elected on January 18, 2020
MOPKA Támaszpont (HUNGARY)
E-mail: office@enyc.eu

Why to become our member

Our members find in ENYC the context to connect to other organisations which share our common values, reliable partners for international youth projects, great diversity of youth work methods and creative instrument to build and develop intercultural, inclusive and active communities.

In order to discover easier the interest, objectives and aims of our members – potential partners in international projects, please find some of their priorities / fields of interest for cooperation with other members of the Network in the sphere of intercultural learning:

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The European Network of Youth Centres is formed of 18 entities which run a total number of 30 youth centres in 15 European countries.

The ENYC Network arose from a decision of the CDEJ of the Council of Europe to seek to stimulate across Europe a concern for the nature of intercultural learning and other features of the work of the Council in the field of Youth which had been exemplified in its two existing Youth Centres in Strasbourg and Budapest. In inviting existing national and regional centres to form themselves into a European network, the Council aspired to develop ENYC as a body complementing its own endeavours to promote intercultural learning across Europe. 

The organisation was originally established in Strasbourg in September 2003.  At this meeting the statutes and a draft agreement between ENYC and CoE were agreed.

The draft agreement between ENYC and the CoE was revised in 2004 to reflect changes in CoE and a potential lessening in the strength of the relationship.  

ENYC was registered as Reseau Europeen de Centres de Jeunesse in march 2004.