“Ruckenwind in the Hyères” (2009)

EU Grant: 24.080,72 EUR

Applicant: Solidarity Track Association (Non-ENYC member)

Partners from ENYC:



  • Start: 07/01/2009
  • Project Reference: YOUTHLINK-FR-21-137-2009-R2
  • Youth ► Youth in action (2007-2013) ► European Voluntary Service

The project aims to develop the skills of young people with fewer opportunities through short-term volunteering experience abroad: Learn to work, learn to respect, learn to work in a team, development of self-esteem, openness to personal and professional perspectives.

We aim to develop the following skills:

  • promote the ability to work in a team; 
  • develop persistence and respect for self and others; 
  • foster communication with others; 
  • deepen environmental knowledge and language skills; 
  • in representation and animation.

To develop these skills, the project provides for teamwork of volunteers on activities:


  • decanting, replanting and watering of new autumn and winter plants and plants in municipal parks and gardens (Olbius Riquier gardens, St Bernard park, Ste Claire park, Park Hotel and Casino gardens) as well as on the green spaces along the sidewalks of the city. 
  • brush clearing and cleaning of the health trail and the Crapa des borrels as well as the surroundings of the municipal bi-cross track, without forgetting the difficult areas of access to municipal vehicles (medieval castle of Hyères),
  • cleaning of the coastline and beaches (coastal path, walking tours of the islands of Porquerroles and Port Cros, the salt flats of Hyères, the beaches of Almanarre, Madrague, Badine, Bergerie, la Capte, les Pesquiers, l’Ayguade).


  • creation of an environmental documentary and a photo report (monitoring of environmental groups, presentation of the countries using video and photos)
  • animation in schools, colleges and / or high schools using supports media created

The 12 young volunteers, from 5 countries (2 Italians, 1 Hungarian, 2 Austrians, 3 Finns, 2 Greeks and 2 Estonians), will be supervised by a team of qualified professionals experienced in youth work and social work, as well only on a technical level.

This project is part of a network working process, “RUCKENWIND process”.
It was initiated by a group of European and local partners with the aim of developing perspectives and possibilities of mobility within the framework of the European Voluntary Service, for young people called “with fewer opportunities” needing specific support and reinforced tutoring. 

After the experiences conducted in 2006, 2007, and 2008, this new project will allow us to pursue a dynamic partnership and to carry out operational work with young people with fewer opportunities in the dynamics of European projects.

The volunteers have developed the skills presented in the youthpass.

This project aims to develop competencies of young people with fewer opportunities through a short term EVS abroad.

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