“Recipe for health: eating good food & doing some sports” (2016-2017)

EU Grant: 12.673 EUR

Applicant: Drustvo sirjenja uporabnih znanj (Non-ENYC member)

Partners from ENYC:



  • Start: 01-09-2016
  • End: 31-08-2017
  • Project Reference: 2016-2-SI02-KA105-013738
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • Action Type: Youth mobility

International youth exchange Recipe for health: eating good food & doing some sports was a collaboration product of youth leaders from Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, Romania and the partnering organization from Germany.

The duration of the project was 12 months with the formal start on 1.9.2016 and the ending on 31.8.2017.

Each country provided 5 participants, among which 4 of them were young adults and 1 youth leader aged 20-29. The participants were aged between 17 and 26. Both genders were equally represented (14 females and 11 males) as well as 13 underprivileged youths that were given the chance to participate in the project.

In November 2016 (26.-27.11 2016) a advanced planninig visit took place in Krško on which participated 5 group leaders and 5 youths.

The youth exchange took place in Krško from 19. to 26.2.2017 (excluding travel days).

The idea for the project came from the project leader who is finishing her master’s degree in nutrition and food technology. She considered the youth’s lack of physical preparation against their will of learning to cook and doing leisure activities and came to the conclusion that youth is willing to learn and gain informal knowledge which helps them to be more patient and compassionate while being healthy and aware of the food they eat.

The project followed the motto that a healthy youth representative is also an active member of society. The integral parts of this project were also previously mentioned 13 youths with financial, social or physical disabilities. They were equally included in the project and in its activities for they also planned them to the best of their abilities. Knowledge transfer played an integral role as the primary method used in this project.

Other methods included, the HAT method, role playing, live library and so on. They were based on the principal of active participation, learning through practical activities, mixed group work and interaction. The main activities included diverse physical exercises; introduction to an athlete’s day to day, the principals of healthy food and its preparation, an open debate of current affairs (immigration, EU, equality and democracy,…), cultural evenings with stage performances, viewing the world of energy as well as Erasmus+ and Youthpass workshops.

Using health and sports as tools to improve live quality brought us closer with local people in Krško who were able to participate in many activities with our youth, including making healthy smoothies, fresh food desserts, sports activities and many more already listed above.

The dissemination plan included the integration of the local environment into the project itself. After the return to their countries the participants organized some activities and competitions based on sports and healthy food preparation. They also prepared a standard project presentation for the local people, media publications and produced a cultural live library.

The aim of this project was to provide the youth with new knowledge, new skills; to increase their participation as well as bringing awareness to equal opportunities for all. Especially for those participants that really have less opportunities in life as some of them became more selfasteemed and sucesfull and therefore they found their drive in life.

During the project the youth participants put a new webpage under an exsisting one (the applicants webpage) which includes the information on the project. The website will remain active for at least two years after the end of the project. The participants made short presentational movie about the exchange.

The participants also got Youthpass during the project.

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