About Armenian Young Women’s Association

Details of the member organisation / center

  • Name of the organization/center: Armenian Young Women’s Association
  • Street address: 37, Abovyan str., apt.9
  • Postcode:0009
  • City: Yerevan
  • Region: Yerevan
  • Country: Republic of Armenia
  • Email: info@aywa.am
  • Website:www.aywa.am
  • Telephone:+37410 58 07 87

Contact person

Profile of the member organisation/center

  • Status: non-governmental
  • Activity level: national

Description of organisation/center:

Armenian Young Women’s Association was established in March, 2004, by a group of active young women’s and girls. Though AYWA was registered in 2004 but its members started their activities earlier. It has around 100 members and 50 volunteers.

The aim of AYWA is to promote the increasing role of a young woman in Civil Society, in public, political, economical, educational, cultural and other lives in the Republic of Armenia. One of the objectives of AYWA is to increase the level of young women’s involvement in politics.

The AYWA beneficiaries are not only women but also men, as it is not possible to have a healthy and developed society based only on men or women. Up to now, AYWA has implemented a lot of projects which are promoting the increasing the role of young women in different fields in the society.

AYWA implements specific projects the aim of which is to educate observers for elections. As well, AYWA is involved in voters’ lists’ correcting process and projects.

The important deal of AYWA projects are:

  • Gender issues,
  • Human Rights,
  • Women’s Rights.

AYWA is co-operating with a lot of local, international, public and state organizations. AYWA has implemented projects with partners like:

  • UNFPA,
  • CIDA,
  • DFID,
  • Council of Europe,
  • European Youth Foundation,
  • IFES etc.

Since 2005 AYWA has established a network of Youth Centres, in which now there are 3 Youth Centres – in Yerevan, Vayots Dzor and Lori marzes. A lot of young people are provided with the services of the Youth Centres – resource centre, library, cinema-corner, computer and internet access. The Network of Youth Centres is a member of European networks.

In 2006 AYWA has established “Youth Theatre”. It organizes performances in Yerevan and in the regions. Through the puppet theatre AYWA spreads knowledge about Human Rights and Women’s Rights within young people.

AYWA publishes a youth newspaper “New View” the aim of which is to raise awareness about young people’s problems in the Republic of Armenia.