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OSCE Youth: The OSCE’s commitment to promote the role and the inclusion of youth in its peace and security agenda dates back to its founding document, the Helsinki Final Act, and has been strengthened through many subsequent OSCE decisions. Two consecutive Ministerial Council declarations, in 2014 and 2015, acknowledged the potential of young people to contribute to political, economic and social development and to the OSCE’s work across the three dimensions of its comprehensive concept of security. The Organization puts particular emphasis on youth protection, and on promoting youth participation in areas like preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, education, tolerance and non-discrimination and political participation.

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Eurodesk is an international non-profit association created in 1990. As a support organisation to Erasmus+, Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and those who work with them. With a network of national coordinators connected to over 1100 local information providers in 36 European countries (with Serbia joining in March 2019), Eurodesk raises awareness on learning mobility opportunities and encourages young people to become active citizens.

Eurodesk is the main source of youth information on European policies, mobility information and opportunities. It answers enquiries and provides guidance for mobile young people across Europe. Eurodesk updates and manages content on the European Youth Portal, it also answers enquiries coming from the Portal.

Eurodesk federates around 1100 local youth information providers, so-called “multipliers” that are regional or local organisations working with young people, delivering youth information to them and advising them on mobility opportunities.

Multipliers can be youth centres, associations, municipalities etc. but despite their variety, the core of their mission as Eurodesk multipliers is the same. To ensure the quality of services in all the 36 Eurodesk countries, Eurodesk offers its members quality training and support, and access to youth information services and tools.

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