“ECOPEDIA” (2015)

EU Grant: 20.882 EUR

Applicant: Asociatia Terra Nobillis (Non-ENYC member)

Partners from ENYC:



  • Start: 15-01-2015
  • End: 14-12-2015
  • Project Reference: 2014-3-RO01-KA105-013214
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • Action Type: Youth mobility

ECOPEDIA Project is applied under Erasmus+ Program, „Youth Mobility”, under the coordination of „Terra Nobillis” Association from Arad, Romania (coordinating and hosting organization), in partnership with 4 european youth organizations (as sending organisations)

The objectives of the project are:

  • Enhancing the cooperation between young people from Romania, France, Poland, Italy and Turkey by non-formal education
  • Developing and increasing the level of basic competences of young people
  • Developing and increasing the transnational cooperation between organizations in the field of youth
  • Promoting a sustenable way of life by promoting the interest for mantaining and promoting the health of the environment
  • Developing active citizenship

ECOPEDIA Project forsees 2 youth exchanges (each of them consisting in 15 days in Arad, Romania).

The first Youth Exchange of ECOPEDIA Project will take place in between 13.07.2015 – 27.07.2015, with the participation of „Terra Nobillis” Association and 2 sending organizations (from France and Poland) and the second Youth Exchange will take place between 03.08.2015 – 17.08.2015 with the participation of „Terra Nobillis” and the other 2 sending organizations (from Italy and Turkey).

On both Youth Exchanges will participate 10 young people (with ages between 17 and 25 years) from each partner organization implicated in that youth exchange (a total of 30 young people). Each group will have 1 group leader (minimum 18 years old).

There will be implemented the following activities:

  • Outdoor/sport activities
  • Social/Teambuilding exercises
  • “Protecting the nature” workshops
  • Eco-Journalism Workshops
  • The „Nature” Public Campaign for Awareness in 4 schools
  • Photo Voice
  • Study visits organized in „Lunca Muresului” Natural Parc
  • Ecological/sanitation activities
  • Interactive Debates Workshops
  • Developing an International Youth Network

In the project will be organized an APV in Arad, Romania, in March 2015 (2 days, with the participation of one group leader from each partner organizations and the project’s support/coordination team).

For more details, please access the link HERE.