“EUROJAZZ” (2016)

EU Grant: 21.243 EUR

Applicant: Elisson gemeinnützige Unternehmergesellschaft haftungsbeschränkt (Non-ENYC member)

Partners from ENYC:






  • Start: 02-05-2016
  • End: 01-12-2016
  • Project Reference: 2015-3-DE04-KA105-013402
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • Action Type: Youth mobility

“EUROJAZZ” – music as a tool to battle for better future. Elisson gUG organised a training seminar with theme “EU – youth and art”.

The training brought together youth workers (professionals and voluntary workers), who work with young people and have different artistic skills, as well as participants interested to develop their skills in working with young people in different types of art projects.

This training seminar took place in Kryoneri Korinthias, Greece during the period 4-11.7.2016.

During the project youth workers from Germany, Greece, Finland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic gathered in a balanced way (gender and countries), worked together on the common theme. There were 22 participants, 2 trainers and 2 staff members, that means 26 persons in total in that seminar.

The theme for this training seminar “EUROJAZZ” has been music, as a tool for better future of young Europeans. Art as a method of non-formal education, when working with young people.

This training seminar gave answers, examples and training on:

  • How to make mini art performances in one day
  • How to involve young people with different experiences, cultural background and languages and make a cross-artistic performance
  • How to build up performances with own ideas and talents of young people and use workshop leaders to support and organise art performances.

Music & improvisation gives interesting possibilities for young people and youth workers to work together within art projects. This interesting method opened new doors for persons, who are willing to find new ways of working with young people, using music as a tool of building up young people’s self-confidence and identity.
The seminar “EUROJAZZ” had the target to develop skills, to work with young people with fewer opportunities and help them to realise artistic projects. Intended to train youth workers & young people and provide them with competences, to act as multipliers in their own organisations.

This seminar has been one of the projects that resulted as a follow-up of the two previous Jazz Workshops, organised by the Greek Association Filoxenia in July 2013 and in July 2014.

Main objectives were:

  • to raise European awareness and social inclusion through music as a tool;
  • to provide the participants with knowledge, skills and competences regarding the different music techniques, instruments, tools;
  • to encourage the creativity, leadership skills, innovative attitude of the participants to act as multipliers of the knowledge acquired during the training course;
  • to develop international cooperation in our work.

Main activities and methods:

  • This seminar enhanced several activities such as: group building;
  • discovering of the village (Kryoneri);
  • NGO market place;
  • presentation of Youthpass;
  • learning different music techniques connected with the work with young people with less opportunities (Orff schulwerk, Improvisation, boom whackers method, music therapy, using music instruments);
  • flash mob;
  • street actions;
  • jam-sessions & concerts;
  • visibility of the project (internet and multimedia);
  • intercultural night;
  • cultural visits;
  • follow-up ideas.

The experts and facilitators encouraged as much as possible the “learning by doing” and used several methods of non-formal education to achieve the objectives, such as brainstorming, group dynamics, energisers, ice-breakers, work in small groups, presentations, etc.

The result of this training seminar was the final concert of participants, open for the local community and a video from the project.

The potential longer term benefits for the seminar’s participants are the embedding of cultural and music activities within youth work (organising event-concerts, music youth exchanges, etc.).

For more details, please access the link HERE.