How to become our member

The first step is to know each other. Therefore, please, fill this

and send it to our e-mail address:

Soon, we will contact you. And, if we promote the same values and your youth centre is in line with our mission & vision, our General Assembly (who’s final word is decisive) will, most probably, gladly embrace you as a new member.

Membership is open to organisations  which:

  • work with young people,
  • run one or several Youth Centre(s),
  • have access to seminar infrastructures of quality ,
  • have the capacity to carry out intercultural & transnational activities.

The 1st  year, each applicant organisation / centre will have the status of “associate member” and has the obligation to:

  1. take part to the annual General Assembly and cover its own costs (transport, board & lodging);
  2. participate to at least one ENYC project (campaign, seminar, youth exchange, EVS, etc.)

From the 2nd  year on, each associate member will become a “full member” and will have the obligation to:

·        take part to the annual General Assembly (covered by the network);

·        participate to one ENYC project at least;

·        pay the annual membership’s fee of 600 € per year.

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