About MOPKA Támaszpont

Details of the member organisation / center

Legal address: Kutfő u.38. Youth Centre: Fő út 68.
Postcode: HU2112
City:  Pest
Country: Hungary
E-mail: mopka@tamaszpont.net
Telephone: +3628384657
Telefax: +3628384657



Contact person

Mrs Zsofi Racz
Position/function: Responsible of International Projects
Contact Email: zsofi.racz@tamaszpont.net
Contact telephone: +3628384657

Profile of the member organisation/center

Type of organisation: Foundation
Status of organisation: non-governmental
Activity level of organisation: local

Short description of organisation / center:

The Támaszpont Foundation for Mental Health Education and Prevention (Támaszpont MOPKA) is an NGO acting at local and international level in the youth field, run by volunteer board members. It manages the youth centre of Veresegyház. Támaszpont MOPKA provides useful leisure time activities for the youngsters, supports them in the educational field, promotes drug prevention, Human Rights Education and the value of the Council of Europe and raises awareness about common values such as tolerance, equal opportunities and cultural diversity. Generally speaking it empowers young people to be active in the local community and to be actively involved in civil society. Furthermore Támaszpont promotes the idea of volunteerism, participates in international youth exchanges and training courses.

Integration of the intercultural learning, human rights education and education for active citizenship in its activities:

The Youth centre is in daily use for children and young people. Main activities are leisure time activities and educational programs as well as international programmes for youngsters. Támaszpont is collaborating with the local schools and regularly making Human Rights workshops, Open Court workshops, Szociopoly, training courses for teachers and drogue prevention workshops as well as giving German and English classes in school. Other activities are for example the annual art exhibition, the Time to Move campaign and the VIF festival.

Our experience in organization of international youth activities and the training of youth workers in multinational and multicultural context:

Tamaszpont MOPKA participated in a lot of international youth exchanges and training courses of the Youth in Action Programme and continues participating in the Erasmus+ Programmes. The association also participated in the Youth and Democracy project of the YiA Programme and training course of SALTO. In 2014 one of its professional youth workers participated in a 6-month-long YiA EACEA Youth workers´ mobility Programme to develop his work skills in the youth field and become a professional EVS coordinator. In 2017 we started to host 2 EVS volunteers per year.

The mechanisms we use in our organization / center in terms of ensuring the participation of young people in preparation and realization of our activities:

Támaszpont MOPKA cooperates with the municipality of Veresegyház and local primary and secondary schools, not only in Veresegyház, but also in Gödöllö and Budapest to keep in contact with the Youth, promote activities and invite the youngsters to participate in our activities. But most importantly the Youthcentre keeps in close contact with the local Youth by mentoring the informal group KIT, whose members also propose and plan activities.

Where we see the role of our organization / center in promotion and implementation of the youth policies of Council of Europe in our country, region and internationally:

The organisation works as a bridge between the Youngsters and the institutions, works for and with the Youngsters, mentors them and informs about the value and actions of the Council of Europe. It is also a Eurodesk coordinator supporting collaborating with members and supporting the network. On an international level Támaszpont collaborates with its partners to develop services for young people and, by being a member of the National Youth Council, is given the opportunity to act on an international level.

The facilities of our organization / center(accommodation, educational facilities, training staff, specific methodologies etc.).

The house of Youth centre Támaszpont MOPKA is about 160 sq big, has a big training room to hold activities in (with a stage), a kitchen (completely equipet), a bathroom and an office, as well as a big garden (over 870 sq ) with a football field, a stage for performances and concerts, a tennis table, football table and a terrace. There are five employees and two EVS volunteers working there.

Our priorities / fields of interest for cooperation with other members of the Network in the sphere of intercultural learning:

  • Non-formal education camps,
  • training,
  • seminars,
  • EVS and other voluntary programs,
  • exchanging good practices.

We are hoping to develop common European projects (call for proposals, large scale programs of EU level) on these fields.