“Inside Out: Growing Gender Awareness” (2019-2020)

EU Grant: 17.240 EUR


Partners from ENYC:






  • Start: 01-05-2019
  • End: 30-04-2020
  • Project Reference: 2019-1-HU01-KA105-060636
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
  • Action Type: Youth mobility


The aim of this project is to increase gender awareness in activities with youth performing by social actors (youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, etc. …) in Europe.
IOGGA is a Training Course that involve 28 participants over 18 years old from 9 countries. It will take place in Hungary in Felsőörs managed and hosted by Antropholis Association. The activities will be on the beginning of September 2019, 7 days of workshops including travel days.

The trainers are:

  • Borbath Katalin: school-psychologist with 15 years experience, she leaded more than 600 hours trainings for teachers. Recently she researches the correspondence between female teachers mental health’s state according to their gender and expert role.
  • Bruno Pizzini: international youth trainer and youth worker with 10 years of experience in European youth mobility. The guest lecturer will be Rédai Dorottya, PhD, lecturer from CEU . She will be guest lecturer of the training and she will give a lesson once, during the training, and lead a debate about the topic of the TC.

The specific objectives of IOGGA are:

  • to analyze the phenomenon in Gender equality in local community of the participants comparing to the European level;
  • to lay the foundation for a better intervention on local and international level;
  • to lay the foundation for a better understanding the educational consequences;
  • to increase the capacity of the reflection in the social environment of the participants;
  • to reflect on personals stories and stereotype in our social environments;
  • to increase the sensitiveness in the psychological aspect;
  • to give educational insight into practical tools, reflections on proactive methods, exchange of good practices with Non-formal education methods;
  • to give proper tool how to design specific, gender-equality related Erasmus+ program
  • to increase the international cooperation: networking and advocating, to create the best condition for mutual understanding.


The core activity of the Project IOGGA is the Training course from 9th to 15th September 2019 = full days where the participants from 9 countries and 9 organization with 26 participants plus 2 trainers will discuss and reflect, on gender equity in each country involved and sharing and learning good practices, educational tools and develop new idea of collaboration.
The participants will be youth workes, youth leadrs, teachers, trainers and facilitators active in their local community from 18+ years old with gender balance.


The results and the impact will be the growing knowlegde in general about gender issues of the participants. Also a growing awereness about gender in everyday life, and a deeper understanding of gender unequality in the participants’s earlier experiences form the past and in their present. The impact also will be, that they will be more awere of this phenomenas in every aspects of life, and they can handle situations during their youth work with more gender equality manner, then before. Even they can create debates, lead workshops on the topic, and even detect and resolve conflicts causing gender inequity, which where hidden in the past.

Researchers pointed out recently that in our society differences between men and women are vastly exaggerated. In the last European Commission report and Hungarian PISA Results 2015 about performance in Natural Science, Math and Reading comprehension in school among boys and girls shows that there are some differences in school achievement. In according to gender studies researchers the conclusion of the results are based on the social psychological biases, culture prejudice and general educational environment.

To reduce the gender gap and to increase gender awareness we develop a project called Inside Out: Growing Gender Awareness (IOGGA).

All the partner organizations run their own Youth Centre, they have volunteers and professional youth workers. We expect that the participants are going to spread the outcomes of the project during their daily activities in the Youth Centre and organization, and starting new approach in their local activities on short and long terms.

They will organize local events and will write new projects in the Erasmus+ program using the educational tools learned during the training course.

Some of the partners are also Eurodesk Regional coordinators and they can definitely have a regional impact and share results on regional and National level during their meetings.

All the partner organization will show the results on annual reports and as member or ENYC network we can spread through the website, Facebook group and Facebook page in this way we will increase the quality of the youth work.

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Every year the ENYC has General Assembly where there are always invited experts, political actors and/or Executive Director of European Youth Centre (on February 10, 2018 was invited the Executive Director of European Youth Centre of Budapest Dr. Gordana Berjan).

For the local people it is not common to see a big group like 25 people move around the city and this will cause a positive impact on the people start to ask to the youth centre why so many “foreigners” in the city centre. This will increase definitely the visibility of the project, of the youth centre and the Erasmus+ program. The last but not least definitely will help also the database of the the project results made by European Commission collecting all the outcomes there. In the end the expecting result is to have a domino effect in Europe, what will start by IOGGA and going on by the participants activities.