“Act Locally, Think ENYCly” – Annual operating grant

EACEA/26/12 – Action 4.1 Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth (annual operating grants). Reference number: 536928 (RESEAU EUROPEEN DE CENTRES DE JEUNESSE). 

EU Grant: 35.000 EUR

  • A1. ENYC’s youth-web radio
  • A.2 E-living library of cultures
  • A3. Creativity & Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • A4. Youth exchanges & voluntary services
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“European Year of Volunteering 2011” – Annual operating grant

EACEA/19/10 – Action 4.1 Support for bodies active at European level in the field of youth (annual operating grants). Reference number: 513979 (RESEAU EUROPEEN DE CENTRES DE JEUNESSE). February – December 2011.

EU Grant: 30.684,86 EUR

  • Activity 1: Questionnaire / Inquiry
  • Activity 2 & 6: Interconnect youth groups and E-debates
  • Activity 3: Volunteer actions
  • Activity 4: Voluntary service catalogue / Database & Info day
  • Activity 5: Youth photo contest & exhibition
  • Activity 7: E-newsletters
  • Youth workers & Pool of trainers meetings – Final report

Youth workers & Trainers Meeting (08-11.04.2011)

Location: Corinthia – Greece;
Dates: from Friday 8th till Monday 11th of April 2011 (travel included);
Participants: 1 or 2 youth worker / trainer per participant organisation;
Profile of participants: be involved in youth work in their organisation – will be the co-ordinator of this project in their organisation.
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“The SKIM project” (Youth Centre Villa Elba – Finland)

This is a collection of outdoor activities with young people, organised by youth workers and school teachers.

The SKIM project (Swedish-language competence center in environmental education) aimed to start and maintain collaboration between Swedish-language natural schools in Finland and thus establish a network that can offer help, knowledge and materials in Swedish in environmental education. The work was funded by the Swedish Cultural Fund and the City of Karleby as well as Ekorosk and companies in the Karleby region and administered by Youth Centers Villa Elba.

“We who made the material are four natural school teachers from different parts of Sweden, who have collaborated in a project for three years. At our meetings we exchanged ideas and experiences and developed our business. During the course of the project, the idea was raised that we would like to share exercises that we use frequently and that we have experienced to work. We have selected a few exercises that are easy to carry out, that do not require much equipment and preparation and that can be done year-round in your own local environment.” (Borgå, 9.12.2005).

To see the entire booklet, please access the link HERE.